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You stumble upon a rabbit with a weakness for a good story.

Hello, and welcome to my profile! Feel free to peruse my gallery, if you find something you like, let me know so I can improve! I enjoy, science, anime, writing, and baking.

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
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Haha so I've been tagged multiple times so... let's just do them all!

-You have to post these rules. 
-Each person has to share 13 things about them.
-You can't say what you don't do.
-Answer the ≤13 questions asked to you and invent ≤13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
-Tag ≤13 people, if you can

Stuff about me

1. I can put my feet behind my head. Is that cool? Man I don't know but I can do it anyway.
2. I'm the oldest child and it's legit. Although... very scary being the guinea pig...
3. Lolol I have an unfinished Undertale fanfiction of that I'm not going to link you to because my trash writing is trash.
4. I love science! Especially biology. My dream is to become a veterinarian.
5. I'm seriously procrastinating studying for a final as I type this...
6. At one point I had six pets: two dogs, two rats, a fish, and a rabbit. They dogs and rabbit are still alive.
7. My Myers Briggs personality type is INFJ
8. I can animate! Not very well! but I can!
9. My icon is the product of my animation final last year. That rabbit scorpion thingamaabobber... I think I still have that video but mcfrick its awful. It also took months. Many, many, many months.
10. If I'm not thinking about school, 99.9999 percent of the time I'm thinking about OCs.
11. I like to bake! I really really like to bake. Like, I got an apron for Christmas and I'm so happy.
12. I have OCs whom I love they are my children. 
13. I have this one stuffed animal named Wolfy. He is a stuffed wolf whom I love and cherish.

So here are :iconchibi-kohai: 's questions

1. Why do people hate being asked their favorite color?
Because they get asked that alot, and I'm sure it feels cliche and slightly insulting. idk

2. What are your thoughts on washi tape? 
I had to use google search to see what that is, but it seems pretty cool! I could use it to decorate my notes.
3. Do you have good sinuses?
Depends on the season :')
4. If the answer to question #3 was yes, please tell me how your elbows are.
High dry and ready to fly. 
5. Thoughts on me?
You are amazing you know that, don't you? Very fun to talk to, especially about insurance.
6. How well can you do origami, if you can do it at all?
Pretty well, I think! I like making cranes the best. Once tried to make 1000 of them. 
.....I didn't finish.
7. Favorite art media?
Acrylic's are pretty! But so are colored pencils if you use them right.
8. Do you have a favorite plant? If so, what is it?
I like peonies!
9. Do you have a least favorite brand of car?
Truth be told, I have a tough time even picturing car brands and models...
10. What is your answer to this question?
My answer.
11. Thoughts on the Hamilton craze?
Haven't listened to it, not sure what the hype is, but since it's so big I'm sure its probably pretty cool.
12. Who is your favorite visual artist? 
Marco Mazzoni is pretty legit!

Now for :iconkeylsparks: 's questions!

1. Ummmm generic question hated by all wHATS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR????
Purple! A nice lavender purple.
2. The rumor come out: Does Jumin Han is gay?!
Yes. Indeed he is.
3. If you had to choose one fandom to live in for the rest of your life which fandom would you live in?
I would live in the FMA fandom FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FOR LIFE. 
I haven't listened to Hamilton,,, I choose Burr???? I don't remember this part of American history either I cry I have that final next week,,,
5. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
*pushes up glasses* You see a woodchuck, depending on the lunar calender and saturn's alignment with mars, could chuck exactly 20.098847349850487207845087^43876 moles of wood.
6. Night owl or early bird? 
Hoot hoot.
7. Do you wanna build a snowmannnnnnnn???¿¿¿???
YEAH! But it doesn't snow here I cry every day.
8. How often do you dab? Daily? Hourly??? Minutely!!?!!!?!! NEVER?!?!?!?!???????!?!!!!
I'd say I dab around 3.87 times a day.
9. Your friend has a shipping problem. Do you help them cope with this, create more ships with them, or do you back away from them slowly?
10. You have a carrot cake in one hand and a piece of fried chicken in another and you're treading water about to be eaten by a sea monster what do you do
I eat both the carrot cake and the fried chicken for sustenance. I then allow the sea monster to swallow me. Landing in it's stomach, provided I have avoided the teeth, I begin to seek my revenge by tearing my way out of the stomach and emerging through the monster's chest like in that one alien movie. Of course I would wait until it's children were nearby so that they could witness the demise of their parent BECAUSE THEY BETTER LEARN NOT TO MESS WITH ME.
11. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?
infinity times infinity end my suffering.
12. Fluff or angst?
hahaha.......... truth be told I love me some good angst.
13. If you could describe 2016 in one word, what would that be?

Okay! :iconcrystalline-echo: 's questions now!

1. Pocky or Pepero?
Pocky bruh.
2. Favorite subject?
Biology! or Japanese! Or Biology!
3. Would you rather sleep on the ceiling, the walls, on the floor, or in space?
The ceiling. I can finally feel tall.
4. What Team?
Team MYSTIC. (Despite the fact that I haven't used that app in months)
5. Do you like JAZZ??
I guess?? I don't listen to it often though.
6. Favorite music group?
Of Monster and Men they are LIT
7. Deep dish pizza or a bowl of noodles?
Deep dish noodle pizza.
8. Are you Gucci?
Bless you!
9. Describe your perfect and tastiest sandwich.
White bread, turkey, lettuce, potato chips!
10. Chemistry or Biology?
11. What's flavor of ice cream describes you.
Is there a "Stressed Out of My Mind" flavor? No? Okay. Vanilla :')
12. What's your favorite item of clothing and why?

1. Dog, Cat, or Turtleneck Sweater?
Dogs and Cats in turtle neck sweaters.
2. Weirdest or wackiest present you've ever asked for/ received?
When I was little I asked for a wolf. I got a blanket that looked like wolf fur. Don't know what I was expecting really.
3. How many languages can you say "I love you" in off the top of your head?
4. Red vs. Blue
Blue bro.
5. Memes or puns?
Both. Both. Both is good.
6. I have a _____. I have a ______. ___________________!
Apple, pen, APPLEPEN (did I do that right?)
7. Someone runs up to you. Before you can do or say anything they hit the whip, dab, and yells out "YEET" before running away. What do you do?
I chase after them. So that I might join them and learn from a true meme master.
8. If I asked you a question, what do you think that question would be?
How closely does human flesh resemble pork in taste? (man idk :') )
9. Paper cranes or a sword made of your blood?
Sword made of my blood!
10. Do you eat the whole fried fish? Or just the body?
The body
11. What's the first thing you see to your left?
My son. My phone.
12. On a scale of one to Potato, how much dirt do you think it takes to get from Mars to sky?
French fry.
13. Do you ship yourself? 
YES! I ship myself with relaxation. (sadly it will not be cannon anytime soon.)

1) Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
2) If Car A and Car B are traveling along two roads that meet at a crossroad 47 degrees from each other, and Car A is traveling 46 miles per hour and Car B is traveling at 98 miles per hour, how far apart will they be in 49 minutes?
3) Did you legitimately try to answer question 2?
4) If you did, what is the answer to question 2? If you didn't, did question 3 motivate you to try it?
5) If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
6) What meme do you most relate to?
7) Mice, rats, or hamsters?
8) What is your otp? 
9) Did you watch TV growing up? If you did, which show was your favorite?
10. Does the period at the end of the ten at the beginning of this question bother you?
11) What is your favorite art medium?
12) A goat and a sheep get into a fight over the same patch of grass. The goat and the sheep both have horns. Who will win?
13) Bakugan, Digimon, Pokemon, Yokai Watch or Beyblade?

I tag:

you don't have to if you don't want to :D


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